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6840M Prostate Pro Silicone Body Contoured Male P-Spot Exerciser - MEGA Deal

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Do you want to experience better orgasms? Stop looking, and start using our Prostate Pro Silicone Body Contoured Male P-Spot Exerciser. 

TheMale G-Spot exists, and our product will help you pleasure it to solid satisfaction. Expect further stimulation and explosive orgasms. Our perineum stimulator is sure to add more excitement you never thought possible.

The triad of male pleasure – the perineum, prostate, and anal sphincter – perform critical roles in providing the best ever orgasm. They help release semen build up and thus provides the most explosive pleasure possible.  The fluid release is said to prevent the possibility of prostate cancer. It was also used as a prostate cancer treatment. Another thrilling benefit is a stiffer and firmer cock. The situation is a win-win benefit indeed.

Measuring 4 ¼”, the Prostate ProSilicone Body Contoured Male P-Spot Exerciser has a ¾” tapered diameter.

We recommend you use our numbingAnal Lubricant for a sexually wild adventure. Cleanup too is easy thanks to our antibacterialToy Cleaner. Spritz and add warm water, and the product is as good as new.

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