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0830HS Red Rope Whip - LAST CHANCE - Final Closeout!

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Limited to one per customer.

There's more than one use for rope (well, I know you probably know more than a few) and this is a really good one!

Our Red Rope Whip is crafted with a soft and easy-to-grip wrapped handle which includes a hanging/wrist strap to keep this wonderful whip always ready and close at hand.

You'll love the way this 24" whip feels in your hand and it's easy to use too. Try practicing your aim on a pillow first. You'll get the hang of this whip quickly, allowing you to use it properly on your gagged sub at once. Best of all, it offers lots of fun for both of you!

Those delightfully frayed rope tail ends offer a light tickling yet snappy feel when used. You'll get a nice thuddy feeling when you use the middle parts of the tails because of their substantially weight and thickness. Then again, the rope is soft, you (or your sub) would still love it!

What better way to get a good spanking with this rope whip than when you (or your sub) are blindfolded and cuffed into submission. *wink*

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For more information, please see my Whips, Crops & Paddles FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 3.5 depending on usage.

Dom/mes, it's always a good idea to test any new sensation device on yourself first so your helpless sub who's put their trust in you will experience only the best of what each kind of sensation device has to offer. After all, you're training them to love their training, so they'll want more, more, MORE! Make your sweet submissive want more by knowing exactly what kind of stimulation you are providing so you can make them ride the waves of pleasure and pain in exact way you want. In doing so, you control the session and most of all, you control their desire!