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6779DL Rhinestone Beaded Gold Tone Tweezer Nipple Clamps - MEGA Deal

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Midas has the golden touch, but it's better to be touched with these beautiful Rhinestone Beaded Gold Tone Tweezer Nipple Clamps. Better than jewelry that just hangs around your neck, these beautiful little rhinestone nipple clamps will still leave you feeling flushed and breathless as though you did receive a beautiful piece of jewelry. They sure do make you feel nice in many ways too! 

Great for those who are new to breast bondage play. They're easy to use and can go from a loose fit for beginners or those with sensitive nipples. Experienced players will love how tight it can get for a little extra pinch of the nipples to send you over the edge. These clamps will surely occupy a favorite place in your toy box.

Just slide the ring down the base of the clamp to open the clips, place the soft rubber liners around each nipple, then slide the ring up until the clamps are nice and snug.

The best place to apply these clamps is at the base of the nipple on the aureole. Try them in different places like dangling them from the nipples themselves for different sensations.

With each movement of those cute little rhinestones, the tweezers tug and tickle your nipples for amazing hands-free stimulation!

The weight of these nipple jewelry intensify the pressure as you move and it swings. Try wearing these during a spanking! As you're cuffed and bent over, the rhinestones swing with every swat, pulling your nipples and making them more and more sensitive - WOW! You are sure to need a gag to muffle your screams.

Strictness Rating: 2.25