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1427A Rubber Blackout Full Coverage Blindfold Mask

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Are you a bit shy in the bedroom? Are your inhibitions getting in the way of mind-blowing sex? Oh honey, don't worry about covering up because we've got just the thing for you. You'll feel confidently sexy in an instant once you slip on our Rubber Blackout Full Coverage Blindfold Mask!

If there's one thing we really love about blindfolds is its ability to make you lose your inhibitions, allowing yourself to just live and enjoy each and every moment in your waking life... in the bedroom, at least! Or wherever else you might be getting it on ;)

This wide black rubber blindfold is big enough to completely block out the light plus the nose hole means it won't be going anywhere once it's buckled on! Worrying about your blindfold sliding down or accidentally slipping off becomes a thing of the past, you can be sure of that! 

But really the best part about having a blindfold on is the feeling of intense thrill and sexual excitement of not knowing what your lover has on the agenda for the two of you. Is it a nice feathery whip? A pair of sexy nipple clamps? Some anal toys? A surprise ass spanking session? Or perhaps a warm slippery tongue making its way down to your nether region... Ooh!

Create a fun and playful set with all your favorite toys by checking out our huge collection of bondage gear. Who knows what erotic adventures you could get into now with all that confidence!

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Strictness Rating: 2.0