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7178AE Self Locking Zip Tie Ups Cuffs, Set of 2 - MEGA Deal

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Our Self Locking Zip Tie Ups Cuffs fix the problem of makeout interruptus. Just *zip*-*zip* and you're tied up and ready to be taken advantage of. Well, let's be honest, you were already ready to be taken advantage of!

The best part of these are how quickly they can be applied. When you're getting hot and heavy, tipping over lamps and knocking down pictures off the wall, sometimes you just don't want to stop long enough to get tied up in ropes or cuffs.

I absolutely adore our Self Locking Zip Tie Ups. They're sold as a pair, so use one as wrist cuffs and the other as ankle cuffs. Or as elbow cuffs for a quickie armbinder. Or cuff your sweetheart to the headboard. Or the pipes in the basement. You could also use one side for both wrists and the other side for both ankles.

Or use them as... Well, you get the picture. 

These cuffs are normally disposable, but these can be easily re-used too! Just insert a key or something flat in the zip lock mechanism to allow the strap to be removed through the center and re-use them again and again for years to cum. 

When you get yourself into some fun trouble, you'll find yourself quickly bound up in your Self Locking Zip Tie Ups Cuffs! Make sure to have a good pair of safety scissors handy in your bondage kit because you never know when you just need to remove something right away so it's best to be prepared ;)

You can use this with a durable ball gag to muffle all their sex screams as you have your way with them. Why not make them more helpless than they already are by sensually torturing them while they're blindfolded?  You can even check out all our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

Fits from 3.5" - 12", sold as a pair.

Strictness Rating:  1.0