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6859MH Servitude Posture Collar

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I find it overwhelmingly sexy to see my Master looking down at me proudly with my lovely vulnerable neck entrapped in my Servitude Posture Collar. Nothing marks his ownership of me better than this and I willingly surrender myself to his control.

With the Servitude Posture Collar, it straightens my neck, but still allows jaw movement for comfort. I love that I cannot move my head but it’s actually still comfortable (enough *wink*) to wear. Based on our famously popular Total Control design, this 4” posture collar is made of comfortable, easy to wear black leatherette.

The tapered fit under the chin means it's comfortable even with prolonged use. The gentle curve which met it's full 4" height behind my jaw is what kept my head from turning. Plus, as Master explained to me, he could buckle it tighter that way! (And I love it!)

There are four 1 inch "D"-rings and one Loop & "O"-ring at the front, making it one incredible collar with endless possibilities. He can use hardware attachments of all kinds to attach wrist cuffs and so on. (Can you have your ankle cuffs connected?) He'll attach a leashe so he can physically control me and position me to his whims.

He can use ropesfor further restriction which is when things really start to heat up. And when I'm really heated up, he can put clamps on me for more intense pleasure. Master will devour you in every possible sexual way and you won’t want to stop it.

Our black leatherette is not only an inexpensive way to play, but it's also easy to keep clean and looking like new. And after all the hot sex, just spritz some sex toy cleaner, wipe it dry and it's like new again. (You know - just in case... something gets on it *wink*).

To complete the entire scene, the Black Leatherette Bondage Gear is the perfect companion pieces to this. Make your Master proud and show him complete submission now.

One size fits from 14-18".

Strictness Rating: 3.5