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7858DL Sex Sling Cuffs Nylon Adjustable Padded Neck to Ankle Cuffs

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Ooooh. You naughty, naughty sub!

Great for both men and women, this Sex Sling Cuffs Nylon Adjustable Padded Neck to Ankle Cuffs opens you up to all sorts of sensual and sexual delights. The padded neck strap allows you to lift your legs up high and w-i-d-e effortlessly. The nylon ankle cuffs are comfy and infinitely adjustable for the absolute perfect fit. The straps attached to the padded neck strap are also adjustable to let you pull everything up and back nicely. (Hmmmm....now what can you do with this?)

Pull those adjustment straps tight, then just lie back and let your legs cum along for the ride (you're about to get)! This position is AMAZING! It's also a great way to show off those new kinky boots.  

With your neck all bound up to your ankles, you can get creative with our bondage gear. How about a blindfoldto keep you in suspense of what toy your Master or Mistress has in store for you? On the other hand, turn over to bring your ass up in the air for a good spanking. Whichever you choose to do, remember to put on a gag. You wouldn't want to wake up the kids or make your neighbors more jealous. *wink*

The behind the neck strap is 12" long and the ankle cuffs fit up to 10".

Strictness Rating: 3.0