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1855RS Slave Pet 16” Locking Chrome Jeweled Chain Collar with Heart Padlock

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Our cute Slave Pet 16" Locking Chrome Jeweled Chain Collar with Heart Padlock is perfect for wearing with your favorite blouse or T-shirt - or nothing at all! Lock it on and give your Master the key as a reminder that he owns your heart and the rest of your body.

It's a beautiful jeweled chain which is unassuming and pretty enough for daily public wear, but is anything but innocent. This public bondage wear accessory holds your secret for all to see. But they're are still none the wiser as to what it signifies for you and your master.

The locking collar is the perfect gift for your obedient little pet. Its heart-shaped design is a sweet treat to show your appreciation while the chrome jeweled chain adds a touch of elegance. 

So don't be sad about not being able to wear your favorite gag with a collar and leash while walking the streets. Be proud and step out in our simple classy choker. Turn any outfit into something extra special and kinkier. Go ahead and wear it to work or while shopping for groceries. Its eye-catching design is sure to earn you a lot of compliments.

Best of all, it's comfortable to wear. At 16" in length of chain, the lovely heart padlock is easy to lock but it won't make the collar feel too tight. It's just right to make you (or your sub) feel beautifully owned. 

Accessorize a sexy dress or catsuit with the Slave Pet 16" Locking Chrome Jeweled Chain Collar with Heart Padlock for a night on the town. But behind closed doors, get ready for what your master has in store for you. It could be a butt plug or paddle. The sky is the limit to your play times. 

One Size fits up to 13” & Plus Size fits up to 15"

Comes with 1 key (for your master to hold !)

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Strictness Rating: 1.0