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0163AE Spread Open Wide Cheek Spreader Gag - MEGA Deal

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Limited to one per customer.

This will show if you really are the one! Master once said to me "Open wide so I can see if you're the one!" I laughed, opened wide and, apparently I am the one, so now it's your turn.

This unique gag is surprisingly effective as a gag and as a spreader, a feature which it (obviously) excels at! Plus, it's lightweight and easy to use.

On top of this, it makes you drool uncontrollably, which I used to hate until I found out Master loves it for the very same reason I hated it - because I was simply helpless to control it! You know Dom/es...they love anything to make their slave helpless (which is exactly why we love them so much!) A girlfriend once old me about how her Master likes to put honey on her tongue to really make her drool uncontrollably.

Imagine yourself gagged and drooling with your arms bound over your head. Better yet, Master has your arms in a bind and makes you lean forward for a spanking. Is your mouth watering right now? I know mine is *wink* 

The great thing about this gag is the way it spreads the cheeks while holding the mouth open wide for whatever you might want to put in. You don't have to bother with trying to fit things through a small ring. So you can very well use this as an open gag for the same delicious reasons!

Even with it's amazing effectiveness, the Spread Open Wide Cheek Spreader Gag is remarkably easy to wear. The curved edges are springy and easy on the cheeks, so you'll be able to fit it in with ease. 

You're going to love our matching Clear Luxe PVC Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set with a sexy collar plus leash, tight restraints and an intense vibrator!

So... Are you the one?

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 2.5