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6989HS Stuff It Sewn Stuffed Plug Gag Trainer - LAST CHANCE - Final Closeout!

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Just Stuff It! Haven't you ever wanted to say this to someone and mean it? I mean, REALLY mean it! 

Our Stuff It Sewn Stuffed Plug Gag Trainer is strict, sexy and perfect for keeping even the noisiest slave quiet. Made with the idea of not having to try to keep quiet in mind (hey, that's just impossible for some of us), this gag has a double muffling system. First, your slave's mouth is quieted by the stuffed PVC plug gag inside it, which doesn't allow her to scream as loud. (okay...why are you looking at me like that? You know I test these things out...hey, it's my job...*wink*) 

Second, the panel goes directly over the ball gag to hold it in place just in case your slave should try to push it out (again, just testing, people...only testing. *wink*). It looks great, but it also brings with it the additional benefit of extra slave quieting. The panel on the gag presses against the wearer's lips and when buckled on tightly will further muffle screams, whimpers and orgasmic sighs to cum with a good spanking. 

The trainer style means the gag is held in by straps over the head. Plus, a chin strap helps this gag further muffle sounds by clamping your submissive's sweet lips tightly around the gag plug. Crafted of high quality leatherette for all the bondage fun you can imagine at only half the cost. For something that doesn't let much sound be heard, this one sure sounds good, doesn't it?

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For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Gag plug measures 2.5" long and a 1.75" diameter.

Strictness Rating: 3.25