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0225M Triple Silver Chain Nipple Jewelry Clamps - MEGA Deal

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Are you dreaming? There's one way to find out (and our version is the best way!) - just a little pinch! Maybe you're not dreaming after all and simply in sub-space. It's the best reason for our Triple Silver Chain Nipple Jewelry Clamps.

The thing we really like about the Triple Silver Chain Nipple Jewelry Clamps is that they can fit different sized nipples. The adjustability along with the ability to screw the nipple clamps in place, allows for just that. Plus, you can screw in any position while wearing these nipple clamps. You no longer have to just lay down missionary style so the nipple clamps will stay on without being uncomfortably tight.

You could do a reverse cowgirl to a doggie style and they'll stay on. (And the shaking and swinging created by the movement of those three dangling chains is amazing!!) The uniquely beautiful and distinctive three chain look gives this nipple clamp a stylish look, while still giving you a pinch for him to grow that extra inch. Give it a tug or hang a padlock or weights on it for a little extra sensation when you need it the most. Either because you REALLY want it or because you're being naughty and you really need it. Now imagine those chains being tied or attached to something else...maybe a leash? Perhaps, your gag?

These Triple Silver Chain Nipple Jewelry Clamps are not only beautiful - the gleaming chrome silver color tipped with black rubber is classic and just plain sexy yet practical. The practical part comes from the easy to use screws that literally allow you to screw the nipple clamps down tighter on your lover's eager nipples. Start out with a nice light grip and then tighten each nipple clamp by turning the thumb screw slightly back to send them over the edge in waves of ecstasy.

The full length of each Triple Silver Chain Nipple Jewelry Clamp is 2” long with the actual clamp giving you 1/2" of pinch and features three 8" long chains.

Strictness Rating: 2.0 - 4.0