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0732MH Wide Arm Binder Cuff

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Do you love tight strict bondage? Maybe you love it, but does your sub feel the same way? Well, our Wide Arm Binder Cuff is the perfect choice to make your sub love it too! You'll love the way they look and work while your sub will love how feels...and works, too.

This bondage sheath is 7" long and is open at the tip, so it can be used on arms or legs. It also has the armbinder / monoglove / single glove look that we all love - but sometimes can't wear on account of anxiety or inflexibility. But this open ended sheath style binder is perfect for your slave and very comfortable.

The three-buckling closure style looks great and works quickly to bind your sub. It's designed to hold the arms together while wrapped around both forearms in front or behind the back. But you can use it with your sub's arms together too - either in the front or for those more flexible, in back with wrists together.

The next time your bratty sub acts up, they'll be getting more than a slap on the wrist with this wide arm cuff. The material makes it comfortable, while the buckles make sure it's restrictive enough to keep your slave in place. Strap it on for a play session full of bondage fun.

The soft touch leatherette feels great and looks just like leather for less than 1/2 the cost. Plus, if your play gets a little messy, our high quality leatherette simply wipes clean with a damp cloth, leaving it just like new for next time.

So while this binder is actually pretty strict, you won't have any trouble getting your sub to love it.

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Size: Fits from 10.5" to 14" around.

Strictness Rating: 2.5